EBP Building are delighted to announce an exciting new product…


Using Cav-Form™ Cavity Wall Protection System will save you time and money on cavity wall construction. In addition it reduces the risk of compromising the performance and effectiveness of cavity walls caused by mortar debris & moisture penetration during construction. It helps builders achieve the robustdetails® recommendations for improved site practice in respect of Separating Wall – Cavity Masonry.

Why Choose Cav-Form™

The Cav-Form™ system consists of:

  • Cav-Form™ Backing Board
  • Cav-Form™ Spacer
  • Cav-Form™ Retaining Clip

The Cav-Form™ Solution

  • No mortar on cavity ties
  • Clear and uniform cavity space
  • Insulation bats pressed against inner leaf
  • Waterproof barrier against driven rain
  • Unrestricted airflow
  • Low emissive value

Benefits of Cav-Form™

  • Keeps cavity walls clear of mortar and debris during construction
  • Prevents water ingress from driven rain
  • Minimises cold bridging
  • Eliminates the need for a backing block on random stone built walls and significantly increases the floor/living space of the building
  • Keeps insulation firmly fixed against the inner leaf and ensures the thermal integrity of the building is uncompromised
  • Quick and uncomplicated to install
  • Ideal for timber framed buildings
  • Light and easy to store and transport


Cav-Form™ Saves you Money

Eliminates the need for a backing block when building random stone walls, for example:

Average Property 150m² Traditional Back Blocking Cav-Form™
Cost per m² £25.00 £15.95
Cost per Property £3,750.00 £2392.00
Cav-Form™ Saving per Property No Saving £1358.00

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